Ionescu si Sava and Tiffin University Business Club talk on the 2011 Civil Code

“Ionescu si Sava” attorneys have organized together with the Tiffin University Business Club a seminar on the 2011 Civil Code – Novelties.

The seminar was focused on the implications of the New Civil Code over the current business environment and was considered by the participants to be a very useful information tool. The speakers of the seminar were Radu Claudiu Ionescu and Otilia Sava, partners at “Ionescu si Sava”. Their experience in the field turned this seminar into an enthusiastic debate, fueled by questions, answers and practical examples.

Otilia Sava shared information over the newly applicable provisions to family relations, divorce and methods to simplify such procedures. She pointed the attention of the public towards the relevance of mediators who can help settle conflicts amicably and would save the claimant a 3% stamp duty which is normally paid when the litigation is filed with a court of justice. Other subjects tackled by Otilia Sava included those of receiving child support or life annuity as a result of a divorce, the newly introduced marital agreement or types of matrimonial property systems.

“Newly wedded couples should know (including those couples married before the entry into force of the New Civil Code) that the matrimonial property system can be changed even after the conclusion of marriage, provided that a year has passed from the conclusion of the respective marriage”, says Otilia Sava.

Radu Claudiu Ionescu, Managing Partner of “Ionescu si Sava” clarified some of the tax implications of the New Civil Code and revealed several practical problems related to practicing to this New Code. According to Radu Claudiu Ionescu, the real impact of implementing the New Civil Code can only be evaluated after practicing to it.

However, he underlined the negative effects of the existing differences between the New Civil Code and the current Tax Code, which has not been amended to match the New Civil Code. During the same seminar, Radu also gave insight on the new concept of property, the status of the legal person, time share, the mandate agreement and various types of sale.