Ionescu si Sava – has become a singular member in Romania of the Alliance of Business Lawyers

Ionescu si Sava has established, late 2012, a partnership with the Alliance of Business Lawyers, a network which links lawyers in Europe, North America and across the world.

The alliance, which includes some of the most innovative and highly respected independent law firms in over 20 countries, focuses on experts that understand the complexities of international transactions and that can communicate in a variety of languages. 

Member law firms of the alliance cooperate to offer clients customized legal advice, tailored specifically to transnational needs.

“Alliance of Business Lawyers is pleased to welcome Ionescu si Sava in Bucharest, Romania. The firm is a solid, integrated business consultancy rendering legal, insolvency and tax related services.” has announced the Alliance when welcoming Ionescu si Sava.

The collaboration between Ionescu si Sava and ABL will be supervised by Managing Partner Radu C. Ionescu.