Ionescu si Sava, SCA – a new visual identity following a complex rebranding process

Radu Claudiu Ionescu – “The core values of our brand are Competence, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Team Spirit and Integrity”

In August 2011, Ionescu si Sava decided to begin the rebranding process together with WOPA, by means of an image audit to which both the attorneys of the law firm and its clients have participated. 

“By this rebranding process, we mark down the passing to a new development and consolidation stage of our organizational culture. This is done by strengthening the values that have made out of Ionescu si Sava a renowned law firm in Romania”, says Radu Claudiu Ionescu, Managing Partner, during the press conference organized on this occasion.

The aim of the rebranding process was to develop the business, to create a means for communicating the values and organizational culture, but to also define the future direction of the firm. As such, the result was that of an accurate and straightforward image that reflects the new position and the success of a business created through work, professionalism and integrity, putting together in one entity the value of the past and the direction of the future.

“As a central element, the sphere was chosen, symbol of integration to reflect the full vision on the needs and business of the clients, a comprehensive approach on the projects and the natural relationship with the clients: both on a professional level, as well as a human level. I am convinced that this process will support our plans and will bring the firm image benefits that will contribute to the development of the business”, stresses Radu Claudiu Ionescu.

The new visual identity of the law firm was launched during a cocktail dinner to which both clients and partners have been invited. Photos of the event can be found here.