Ionescu si Sava SCA present to the real estate fair organized by Romania Libera

At the invitation of Romania Libera, Ionescu si Sava SCA participated to the Annual Real Estate Fair Expo Casa Mea with the seminar “Sale and lease of buildings according to the New Civil Code”.

The Romanian Legal landscape of the last period has been challenged by the entry into force of the New Civil Code. The field of real estate transactions has been changed substantially, not only in terms of sale and lease, but also with regard to pledges and encumbrances. Certain types of sale are now regulated for the first time, while lease agreements include strict limitations of the terms of the contracts. Other tax implications of the Civil Code on the sale and lease of buildings have also been discussed.

The seminar was held by Radu Claudiu Ionescu, managing partner of Ionescu si Sava, SCA.