Radu Claudiu Ionescu – a view on labour provisions

Legal and management implications brought on by the changes of 2011 to labour legislation have represented an important subject for the analysis of Radu Claudiu Ionescu, Managing Partner of Ionescu si Sava, SCA

Together with the representatives of the Territorial Labour Inspections Agency and other specialists in the field of Human Resources, Radu Claudiu Ionescu has held a presentation based both on theory but also on the practical side of the obligations of employers in 2011, in consideration of the recent amendments to the Labour Code. According to the new provisions, the employer must present to the employee a counterpart of the labour agreement, before the employee starts working for the respective company, highlighted Radu Claudiu Ionescu. Also, the attorney spoke about the obligation of the employer to grant an individual formation leave, as well as the situations in which an individual employment contract is terminated.