Building up training programmes is a constant concern of Ionescu si Sava that is fuelled by the insufficiencies in the training of young law school graduates for the fields that we activate in. A good corporate lawyer or business litigator can’t depend solely on the basic subjects taught in law school. We view our training programmes as a two-way street: raising awareness among students on the challenges they will be facing after finishing law-school, and a good investment in the future of our team.

Recruitment for our internship programmes starts with the annual Ionescu si Sava Summer School, but applications are welcomed throughout the year.

We are currently holding a weekly training for two students of the Technical and Constructions University who are looking to expand their translation skills by becoming familiarized with legal terms.

An internship with Ionescu si Sava, SCA gives students and recent graduates hands on experience in tackling legal issues, client relationship situations and the opportunity to interact with future peers.

Also, the participants of the 2011 Ionescu si Sava Summer School who have qualified for internships have recently completed their stay with us and are currently participating in final exams.