This year’s summer school „Discover Business Lawyering”

The second edition of the „Discover Business Lawyering” summer school was held by Ionescu si Sava, SCA in Poiana Brasov, between 2 – 6 of July, 2012. The 20 participating students were selected from several Romanian law faculties, based on the originality of the applications they submitted.

Over three days of debates and lectures, the participants learned about practical situations experienced by the lecturers, as well as about the differences between the general school syllabus and actual application of the matters taught in school to specific cases.

The first day of the summer school began with an introductory session, during which the participants met the Ionescu and Sava team, and underwent a brief induction to business law.


The students were also guided through the implications of the professions of lawyer, judge, prosecutor, mediator or legal advisor. Their questions on the profession of magistrate have been reviewed and answered by a judge from the Appellate Court of Bucharest.

On the second day of the summer school, Alin Popescu, managing partner of, held a lecture on the development and issues of online contracts, as well as the risks involved in using social media. He advised students to be cautious in disclosing their socialising profiles, as these may be examined by employers and used in selecting them for available jobs.

Patricia Vasii, Legal and Compliance Manager at Mercedes Benz Romania, joined the summer school to give the participants a client’s perspective on the most important aspects of business law. Patricia explained both the expectations of a multinational company in relation with the lawyers representing it, and the importance of an effective and permanent communication between the client and the lawyer.

Radu Ionescu, managing partner at Ionescu si Sava, SCA, closed the lectures on the second day with a series of case studies to be analyzed and solved by the participants. The rest of the day was dedicated to team work and adventure at Aventura Park of Brasov, were both lawyers and students went on to exercise their physical skills.


The last day of the summer school was a trying one for the participants, as they had to present their solutions to the case studies to George Ionescu, founding partner of Ionescu si Sava, SCA. George was assisted in this by Bogdan Lazar, criminal law specialist at Ionescu si Sava, SCA.

Otilia Sava, partner at Ionescu si Sava, SCA exposed the human side of the lawyer and dispensed several pieces of advice to the young participants in relation to the professional conduct expected of them, the nature and diversity of the clients they will be faced with, the commercial aspects of the client-lawyer relationship and the traps that inexperienced lawyers could fall into. Otilia underlined the importance of stance and eloquence in succeeding as a lawyer and confirmed that it is the driving force of ambition that steers a lawyer towards real success and excellence.

During the final part of the day, both students and lawyers were guided by two professional actors to overcome any fear of public manifestation and public speaking, to know their limits in terms of spontaneity and speech and to practice, as with any other challenge, their public speech and socializing skills. The exercises and games they proposed turned 20 students and 15 lawyers in one team with a common goal: personal and professional development.

The manner of thinking and interpretation, the fluency in both thinking and writing, the proactive participation during the three days of lectures and workshops were among the criteria to select the winner of the 6-month, 1000 RON, monthly scholarship.

Ioana Ghimus, student at the Law Faculty of the Bucharest University was best rated and convinced us that she is the right person for the prize. We will be welcoming her to our office over the following months, to help build up her knowledge and skills and introduce her to the real experience of performing as a lawyer with a medium-sized, commercially oriented law firm.


Our annual summer school does not necessarily seek to add to the school knowledge of the selected students, but we rather aim to support young students in choosing a career path and prepare for it. Thus, we see this summer school as an opportunity for them to discover their passion for law and for legal careers. We also wish that following their participation to the summer school, the 20 students have a much clearer image on business law and on its implications and satisfactions granted by this job” – declared Radu Ionescu, managing partner of Ionescu si Sava, SCA.

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